Helen Gurley Brown

13 Classic Helen Gurley Brown Quotes

Helen Gurley Brown, who died on Monday in New York City at age 90, was the legendary long-time editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, the saucy sparkplug for a sexual revolution, and the originator of the notion that a woman could "have it all."

Helen Gurley Brown dies at 90

Trailblazing magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown has passed away after a brief hospitalization, according to a Hearst Corporation press release. She was 90. "Widely heralded as a legend, Gurley Brown's impact on popular culture and society reached around the globe, first with her 1962 bestseller, Sex and the Single Girl, and then for the more than three decades she put her personal stamp on Cosmopolitan in a way rarely replicated by editors," the release reads in part.

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